Cleanings & Checkups

Dental Cleanings & Checkups in Old Greenwich, CT

Consistent preventative care is the key to maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile. That’s why even your basic dental cleanings and checkups are so important to us. Our team of dental experts understand that every patient is unique, which is why we cater each cleaning and checkup visit to your specific needs. Whether you’re coming in for a routine cleaning or need a more comprehensive checkup, we are here to make sure you leave our practice feeling confident about your smile.

Why Do Regular Cleanings & Checkups Matter?

Staying on top of your dental health is crucial, and regular checkups and exams serve as an important foundation for maintaining a healthy smile. Even with excellent dental hygiene at home, a quick visit to the dentist twice a year ensures you’re doing the best for your oral health. Here are a few of the huge benefits or basic dental cleanings and checkups with our team:

  • Early Detection: By detecting and treating any issues early on, we can help prevent more serious and costly dental problems down the line.
  • Fresher Smile: With the removal of plaque and a quick tooth polishing, you can take pride in a smooth and shining smile out the door.
  • Affordable Care: The cost of dental cleanings and checkups is affordable and covered by most insurance plans. Plus, you’ll save money by avoiding restorative care in the future.
  • Personal Consultation: Your routine visits are the perfect time to meet with your dentist one-on-one. Share your concerns and get expert guidance to care for your oral health.
  • Effective Preventive Care: Professional cleanings go a step above what’s possible with at-home care. You can rest easy knowing we’re on your side to prevent costly issues before they arise.

Our Gentle Teeth Cleaning Process

From the moment you walk in the door, you’ll be greeted by our friendly team and given an initial consultation to discuss your dental history and any concerns you may have. After that, our skilled hygienists will begin the process of removing plaque buildup, cleaning your teeth, and polishing them to a sparkling shine. At the end, you’ll have the opportunity to consult with our dentists and discuss any additional treatments that may be necessary to maintain your oral health. With our gentle touch and family-oriented care, you’ll leave feeling confident and happy with your healthy smile.

Proactive Dental Wellness

We believe prevention is key when it comes to maintaining your oral health. That’s why we offer preventative care that goes a step above the standard dental cleaning and checkup. Our team of experts offers fluoride treatments to help strengthen your teeth and prevent cavities. We also provide dental sealants to help protect your molars and premolars from bacteria and plaque build-up. Additionally, we offer oral cancer screenings to detect any symptoms early on. With our focus on preventative care, you can rest assured that your dental health is our top priority.

Preventative Care that Fits Your Schedule

Keeping up with your dental health shouldn’t be a chore, and we make sure that your preventative care fits your schedule. We recommend that you schedule dental cleanings and checkups twice a year. These appointments generally take between 30 minutes to an hour, making it easy to fit them into your busy lifestyle. Our friendly and personable staff will make sure that you walk out of our office with a sparkling smile and the knowledge to maintain your oral health at home.

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See Our Commitment to Your Well-being Firsthand

At Old Greenwich Dental Center, we believe that keeping your smile healthy starts with regular cleanings and checkups. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to helping you maintain optimal oral health and achieve a beautiful smile that you can be proud of. Whether you’re looking for a routine cleaning or have more complex dental needs, we’re here to help. Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment and take the first step towards a healthier, happier smile.