Know When to See an Emergency Dentist

Dental problems aren’t always predictable. Even the healthiest smile can suffer accidental trauma or unexpected pain. In fact, sudden pain or damage to your permanent teeth can be quite frightening. The good news is that an experienced dentist can typically fix your dental concern. However, knowing when to call an emergency dentist is up to you!

The Danger of Ignoring Dental Damage

If the discomfort doesn’t bring you to the dentist, perhaps it would help to understand what happens if you ignore tooth damage. When a cracked, chipped or broken tooth gets ignored, your tooth is left vulnerable to future harm. Bacteria and sugars can invade the inner portions of your tooth and cause a cavity or painful infection. The simple emergency dental repair you turned down could result in a dental filling, root canal or crown! In addition, dental pain that is left untreated often gets worse over time and can even impact neighboring teeth.

Call an Emergency Dentist for This

How do you know if your dental concern warrants emergency treatment? Here are some common concerns that warrant a trip to the dentist sooner rather than later:

  • A Broken Tooth
  • A Knocked-Out Tooth
  • Missing Filling or Crown
  • Persistent or Severe Toothache
  • Oral Bleeding
  • Dental Abscess (swelling/pain)

What to Look for in An Emergency Dentist

Dental emergencies are not always clear-cut. It is not uncommon for your emergency dental repair to involve a diverse approach from multiple dental specialties, including both restorative and cosmetic dental treatments. Therefore, it is important that you not only find an emergency dentist you can rely on for quick appointments, but also one that has a broad skill set and can repair your teeth in a way that restores both function and aesthetics.

Do you have an urgent dental problem? Not sure if your concern needs emergency dental care? Call Old Greenwich Dental. We are your top choice for comfortable, attentive and high-quality dental repair – even when you didn’t plan for it.

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