Orthodontics in Old Greenwich, CT

At our Old Greenwich, CT, dental office, we offer traditional orthodontics, including metal braces, as a time-tested solution for achieving a straight and healthy smile. Patients have been aligning their teeth with traditional braces for years, and the results are often powerful. Whether you have an open bite, close bite, crossbite, underbites, overbites, or crowded teeth, traditional braces can help align a wide range of bite misalignments. Even complex misalignment problems can be corrected with this style of orthodontics, thanks to the versatility and capability of brackets, wires, and orthodontic appliances. At Old Greenwich Dental Center, our highly experienced team looks forward to providing you or your loved one with personalized orthodontic care and helping you enjoy the health benefits of a beautifully aligned smile.

When Braces Are the Best Choice

Modern orthodontic treatment options are vast and can be overwhelming to navigate. When it comes to choosing the proper treatment to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth, metal braces remain a popular choice. Why? Braces are the best option when teeth require more extensive movement to achieve the desired results and are designed to address complex dental issues, such as overbites, underbites, and overcrowding. While there are other options available, such as Invisalign® clear aligners, metal braces are the tried and true method for maximum correction.

A Gentle Orthodontics Process

While many people may hesitate at the idea of wearing metal braces, advances in technology and techniques have made the process much gentler than it used to be. Nowadays, modern braces use lightweight materials and thin wires that place less pressure on teeth, creating a more comfortable experience. Plus, modern braces are designed for easier adjustments, reducing discomfort during regular appointments. With these advancements, going through the metal braces process can be a much gentler experience than some may anticipate.

What Comes After Braces?

After investing months or even years into orthodontic treatment to achieve a straighter, more beautiful smile, the last thing anyone wants is for their teeth to shift back into their original positions. That’s why it’s imperative to wear retainers after braces. Retainers are custom-made to fit each individual’s teeth and hold them in place. By wearing them consistently, you can ensure that your hard work and investment in braces will last a lifetime. Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, don’t forget to wear your retainer as directed!

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We’re Here Every Step of the Way

Braces are an excellent option for people of all ages, from children to adults, because fixed orthodontic appliances maintain continuous teeth alignment as long as the brackets are securely attached.  Even though some adults may be concerned about the appearance of metal brackets and wires, braces can still help them achieve the desired look for their teeth. Suppose you’re interested in exploring how braces can improve your smile. In that case, Old Greenwich Dental Center invites you to schedule an orthodontic consultation with our team today so that we can help you experience the transformative benefits of orthodontics!