Dental Implants Near Me: Your Holiday Smile Starts Now

With the warm months approaching, your focus is probably on summer activities, not the end-of-the-year season. But if you’re missing teeth, you could act now to get a picture-worthy look by the holidays. Start the dental implant process in early summer to fill the spaces in your smile with realistic artificial teeth that both sparkle and sustain your health. The team at Old Greenwich Dental Center explains how to get dental implants from our office near you for an evergreen grin. 

Why You Shouldn’t Wait for the Holiday Spirit to Move You

Dental implants are more durable than other missing teeth replacements. Why? Osseointegration. Our expert Old Greenwich dentists place a titanium implant into your jawbone, which acts like the root of a natural tooth. Over time, this implant actually fuses with the bone—that’s osseointegration. Your body accepts the implant as if it were a natural part of the mouth. 

However, this bone integration is gradual. Between implantation and getting your artificial tooth, you may need to wait up to six months. That’s why it’s vital to plan your procedure for the Yuletide festivities. 

Summer Steps and Fall Finishes for a Wide Winter Smile

While getting dental implants near you does require some planning, it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. In the summer, we’ll do the following:

  1. Exam: You can schedule your initial consultation at Old Greenwich Dental Center now. 
  2. Treatment Planning: At your consultation, we’ll outline your unique timeline, including when your implant surgery will be scheduled this summer.
  3. Preliminary Care: You may need to take care of some oral health concerns first, like gum disease or deep dental cleaning
  4. Implant Procedure: Ideally, we perform this by late summer so you’re fully healed and ready to show off your smile by the holidays.

Once osseointegration is complete in the fall, we put on the finishing touches, attaching a dental crown to the post. Our dental implant dentists then provide personalized tips and product recommendations and schedule your checkup appointments

How Implants Make Your Smile Merry and Bright (and Healthy)

Looking great when you meet up with friends and family is just one benefit of implants. You’ll also notice advantages like: 

  • Grins Instead of Grinchiness: Having a complete smile will boost your confidence and mood, both now and in the future. 
  • Smile for Many Summers and Winters to Come: With proper care, your implants can last the rest of your life, according to the Cleveland Clinic
  • Chomp on Your Seasonal Favorites: Implants function just like your other teeth, so there’s no need to avoid certain foods or compensate with your biting or chewing.
  • Look Jolly for Longer: The bone loss that comes with lost teeth can prematurely age you. Implants keep your face looking full and young.  
  • Your Other Teeth Won’t Go on Holiday: Having gaps can cause your neighboring teeth to travel to fill the space. Closing that gap keeps your smile straight. 
  • No Need to Sacrifice Your Vacation Fund: While implants cost more upfront, you’re unlikely to need to replace them. Plus, since implants help prevent other complications, you won’t have to pay for additional treatments in the future. 

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year with Implants Near Me

Come the fall and winter, your smile will be jolly with Old Greenwich Dental Center’s dental implants. Plant the seeds now and reap the benefits by the holiday season. Contact us today to schedule your implant consultation.